The site supervision requires careful planning and in-depth expertise to guarantee outstanding results.

We work exclusively with qualified craftsmen, ensuring the quality and reliability of every service we provide. Find out how we can support you throughout your project, offering peace of mind and striving for excellence at every stage.

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    Site planning is an essential step in the realization process. It involves defining project objectives, managing the schedule, coordinating resources and craftsmen, and monitoring budgets.

    This rigorous planning ensures that the project runs smoothly, meets deadlines and quality standards, and satisfies the customer's expectations. It also enables us to anticipate and proactively resolve any problems that may arise, thus ensuring the success of the project.
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    The work phase of an interior design project consists of implementing the plans and designs drawn up by the interior architect.

    This involves coordinating and supervising various tasks, such as demolition, construction, painting, flooring, lighting, furniture and decorative accessories. During this phase, our aim is to meet deadlines and quality standards, and our main challenge is to transform the initial vision into a tangible reality, creating an interior space that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and in line with expectations.
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    Post-renovation furniture installation encompasses the process of arranging and positioning selected furniture elements in the renovated space. This includes the strategic arrangement of furniture, accessories and decorative pieces to create visual and functional harmony.

    The installation of furniture requires meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of ergonomics to optimize the use of space and ensure a practical and aesthetically pleasing layout.

    It's a key element in achieving a complete, well-executed interior design. This stage marks the end of the turnkey project.
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The total cost of the work is invoiced by instalment, i.e. :

  • 15% for a surface area < 50 m².
  • 10% for surfaces > 50 m².


  • If the cost of work on a surface area of < 50 m² is €15,000, then our billing will be :

(15000*15)/100 = 2250 €

  • If the cost of work on a surface area of > > is more than 50 m² is €15,000, then our billing will be :

(15000*10)/100 = 1500 €

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